Friday, May 22, 2009

GFFs and then Choco

I have 5 Girl Friends Forever - E, K, M, A & N. I have known them all since I was a little pup. That's E on the left & K (with Choco) on the right.

I love it when they come and visit me 'cause they are happy gals and they always talk to me and make me do things and give me treats. And then they'll talk to each other real fast and then they'll talk some more real fast, I wonder who is listening to who, and then they'll talk to me.

And that Chihuahua there is Choco and he is still young and really, really small. They warned me to look where I am going 'cause I may step on him and he may burst. When I tried to kiss him I think he thought I'd swallow him whole and so he growled at me, silently, but that scared me to the bone.

This photo and the one below were taken on my first birthday last year, my GFFs gave me lots of gifts and toys! That's E, A, M & K with me. N is missing. I will ask if they have picture of me with N.

Oh Boy! I had a blast that day. I hardly sit still and my photos show it.

Have I mentioned I share the same birthday with one of my humans, meeMel? Yup, and that is good 'cause then they'll also remember me... and hopefully a gift?


  1. hii otso

    its E & K we luv ya very much ur n choco r so cute.....

    u were very well behaved in that photo

    by the way E's on crutches cuz E really hurt her foot dnt worry E will be ohk

    luv S2
    E&K xox

  2. tell meemaa n meemel E & K say hi


  3. hii E,

    am so sorry 2 hear that ur hurt. hope ur not n so much pain and can still go2 school. u kno, schoolz rock !

    n'way, does it mean ur not dancing this sat? f ur not, can i take ur place? pls, pls, pls?
    ill try to dance as good as u, promise.

    "when I grow up
    i wanna be famous
    i wanna be a star
    i wanna be in movies..."

    get wel soon, hi2K n chloe.