Friday, July 31, 2009

Hospital - Thursday

Woo-hoo! I'm done and I'm checking out now! Heep-heep... hoorah!

(Otso thinking: Hmmnn... the hospital is quieter now. It was jampacked here yesterday. Where are all those dogs and cats I met? I hope they are all home and well now.)

Nurse: Otso is okay to go now...
Thank you very much for looking after me, Miss Nurse.

Ok, while they are still discussing my prescription I'll tell you what they did to me.

Because I fractured my molar, which is also called Carnassial Tooth, which is one huge molar, which has got three roots buried deep into my jaw, which got infected and really sore, and which had me on a cycle of antibiotics, they needed to put me on general anaestesia to extract it. Then, they drained it and then they sutured my gum with some self-dissolving thread so I don't have to come back here anymore. Thank God! Not that the guys here are not good, but nothing beats home.

If I will not let them extract it, the infection will come back as soon as I stop my antibiotics. And it may eat into my skull, and/or it may affect my eye, and/or it may leak out of my cheek, and/or it may go down as far as my neck, and many more and/ors I stopped listening. I am so scared already I decided I will stay the night here for urgent extraction.

They also mentioned Root Canal, but said it is not fartical.

In any case, I'll be alright. I may have a lisp from now on but I can always charge that to Extra Character - !

So there, that's the story of my upper right Carnassial Tooth, whose life was cut short due to heavy bone-bardment.

Now, we have to go home as I can feel the world rockin'-rollin'-slidin' under my paws again.

C'mon, let's go! Oh, aren't you done discussing yet?

Whoa! Did you hear that? Did I hear that right?!?... I am on diced raw meat meals only, for 3-4 days, so it will not lodge on the hole and cause an abscess!!!

WOwrr! WoWrr! Bring it on !!!

Meantime, I just want to sleeeeppp......

Oh, there are some stains on my thigh. Maybe I licked it earlier when my gum was still bleeding. And the cotton is still on my arm. Oh, well, I'll just clean myself up when I wake up.

Zzzz.... ngork...pshew....Zzzz.... ngork...pshew!

Oh, dear!... I am sooo off my rocker! See you in the morning.

P.S. Thank you heaps to all my well-wishers!

Hospital - Wednesday

No, I don't want to stay overnight here! Take me home with you, my tooth doesn't hurt anymore. Look, even my right cheek is not swollen anymore.

Ok... just one night here. Promise me that you will pick me up tomorrow..., here on this same spot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too much chomping.

Last Friday, I thought I could still hide my secret. But meeMaa' spotted the difference between my left and right cheek.

But I have to deny it.
"No, it wasn't me! I didn't have anything to do with that girl!... I mean lolly! "
(Otso thinking - now, where did I hear that line from?...)

But Saturday morning, I couldn't hide it anymore. It was clear as daylight... I was rushed to the Vet. And my secret was out in the open just like that!

Yes, I chomped too hard on that bone and it cracked my molar! Dr.Bugg gave me two injections, dozens of tablets (taste nice so I don't really mind) and I need to see the dentist on Thursday.

And I am on soft diet. On the brighter side, it is yummmier than my dried food!!! And needless to say, no bones for the longest time.

Sho toohdeh, amm noot sshpeeking... amm offh tooh bhedh.

Dhood Nyth!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Oh là là, je peux l'odeur des croissants!

You can have the coffee and I'll have the croissant, deal?!?

Oh, well... no harm trying !

Monday, July 13, 2009


Nahhh... I'm tired from playing ball. I'll just stay here and watch my otsomobile. But don't take too long in the supermarket, ok?

Finally, you're back! Did you buy me Ice Cream? Good. Thank You. Ok, hop in and let's go home.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kennel !

Aye! This is one huge kennel, alright.

What do you think? Nice, eh?!?

I have ample room to play ball.

Loving it here...!

Book me in for three nights, please.

W-Wh-What do you mean it's not a kennel ??? What Cricket Club? Why would crickets need a huge court like this, they are too small !!!