Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too much chomping.

Last Friday, I thought I could still hide my secret. But meeMaa' spotted the difference between my left and right cheek.

But I have to deny it.
"No, it wasn't me! I didn't have anything to do with that girl!... I mean lolly! "
(Otso thinking - now, where did I hear that line from?...)

But Saturday morning, I couldn't hide it anymore. It was clear as daylight... I was rushed to the Vet. And my secret was out in the open just like that!

Yes, I chomped too hard on that bone and it cracked my molar! Dr.Bugg gave me two injections, dozens of tablets (taste nice so I don't really mind) and I need to see the dentist on Thursday.

And I am on soft diet. On the brighter side, it is yummmier than my dried food!!! And needless to say, no bones for the longest time.

Sho toohdeh, amm noot sshpeeking... amm offh tooh bhedh.

Dhood Nyth!


  1. Oh you poor baby! I have never heard of a puppy breaking a tooth! I will have to be very watchful of Jack when he's eating hard things!

  2. Ohhh noes! That is terrible! I hope it goes well at the dentist. I often worry that moose's jaws are stronger than his teeth. Yikes! Keep us posted on your visit.
    Moose + Dana

  3. I've worried about Sassy doing the same thing w/ her nylabone...
    I'll cettainly watch her closely now...
    You do look pitiful sweet Otso...
    Feel better soon and keep us posted on the dentist trip!
    Kit and Crew

  4. Ohhh so sorry to hear that - hope you feel better soon and keep us posted!!

  5. Oh, sweetie, we are so sorry that you hurt your toofie. We know how much that hurts. A long time ago we had a doggy who had an abscess that puffed up the whole side of his face and his neck. You just get better, kiddo.