Thursday, September 10, 2009

No way !!!

There's no way I'm gonna fall for that! I'm no bludger. I work for the food I eat. I have to do some chores first before I get fed.

No.1 on the list of "To-do-before-eating" is to "Sit" and "Shake Hands". Then followed by whatever tasks they want me to do. I know what to do when I'm asked to 'Say Please', 'Look at me!', 'Kiss', 'Speak', 'Bow your head and pray', 'Play Dead', 'Turn around', 'Turn the other way', 'Step Back', and many more. The end of my chore is when they have set me "Free!" and tells me to finish my food.

So,... Nope! I'm not gonna fall for that. You can leave the room and set that camera for all I care. I can smell the hotdog but I know better. It's a trap that would send me out of the house for yonks !!!

But I'll let you in on a secret. Can you see those yellow capsules in the pots?

Those are fish oil capsules that run out of date, and my 'play smart' humans decided to put these capsules to good use and placed some on each pot plants.

I love them !!! - enuff said.

To my mate - Moose,
Is it okay to change those cookies into capsules so I can still post the award here on my blog?

wink! wink! Just trying...


  1. What a good boy. I don't know how you kept from eating the hot dog!

  2. That hot dog would have said it's prayers and been gone to the tummy in the sky before you could say "woof" at our house! You is such a good boy☺

  3. What a good boy Otso! Moose would have fallen for it and had no regrets! We are mightily impressed ;-) You totally deserve that award, and I think eating fish oil caps you find outside is completely fair game! Clearly your humans did not want them anymore so I see no problem!
    Moose + Dana