Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yippee! Here I am again...

I am at St.Kilda Beach.

Lovely water here... salty but!

See... I know how to swim and ride the tide too!

Can you please move your foot somewhere so I can starting digging, thanks!

Plenty dogs around here... I'll just sit and wait for my next friend to come by.

You can throw that for me, thanks! In the water, preferably.

My BFF... and I... woof! woof!

I love coming here during summer and staying till the wee hours with my folks.

Hmmnnn... I wonder if I can go swim towards that beacon...


  1. Wonderful pictures. It's always great to watch a puppy have fun!

  2. Otso! I'm so jealous I want to be on a beach!!