Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Demand & Supply

Today, I will show you where I usually busk for balls. The guys here... they have gazillions of balls! And they can get very finicky with their balls (-no pun intended).

So, whenever my ball is already chomped out-of-service, I just come here,... and walk to and fro,... to and fro,... do some sits,... and drops,... and shake hands,...speak a little,...

And Voila! Bola from heaven.

Like this ball here... they are saying that it is unbalance and uncontrollable. I don't mind my balls bouncing everywhere. 'Cause then, they start behaving like a Kong, which is my all time favorite !

But the players here like their balls serious, I guess.

So, there... that's the principle of demand & supply. Just go to your local tennis courts for fresh supply of clean and crispy tennis balls.

Too-loo-loo! I'm off to play ball now. Thank you to all my sponsors.


  1. WOWZA! We wish we had one of those places around our house. We gots lotta' balls to play with cuz our momma buys them at the store, but to be able to go shopping like you do would be thrilling☺

  2. Hi Otso,
    Finally my Mom understands tennis...you make it sound so simple. We enjoy your blog,
    Madi and Mom Southern USA

  3. I don't get to play with tennis balls much. I have a tendency of chewing off the fuzzy part to get to the creamy center! :)

  4. ohhhh I love tennis balls, maybe we can play sometime!!! Love your blog and pics!!!

    lotsa licks,

  5. Nice trick Otso, I'll have to try it some time. I'm not sure where the humans play tennis near me. We have a golf course but those balls are way too hard!