Saturday, August 8, 2009

At the lake...

I was strolling along and enjoying my day... and everywhere I look there were - Ducks !

Ducks everywhere !!!

Huh ?!? ... Duck ???

Nahhh! Almost a duck, but not quite.

Then, all of a sudden a booming voice.

Mr. Black Swan: Hey, you! Big Yellow Dog !
Otso: Yes, Mr Black Swan?

Mr. Black Swan: Lemme zhell you sumpzhing... You zon't go shwimming in my lake, you hear?

Zon't even zhink about it. Zhis here is my lake, and zhese are my compadres, comprende?

Mr. Black Swan: Now, movez along!

Otso: Hurmphh! Grumpy old swan... good day to you, too!

Otso singing teasefully: I'm not listeni-hing !!! Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeheh ! Blah-blah-blah-blahhah!


  1. I think they have flown away! :)

  2. That swan looks pretty mean...stay away Otso!

  3. Who do they think they dogs...we rulz!!

  4. Fur bein' a purr-ty bird, those swans sure can be snotty can't they?