Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing up...

OMG !!! Promise me you're not gonna make money of this one and send it to playboydog magazine. Can't help it, when I snooze I kinda lose it!

What do you mean sit properly?... But I am !!! This is how you'd sit if you have paws as big as mine too. So, can I now have that ball, please ?!?

Ewww!.. I don't like that creepy crawly getting near me... please, please, please, how gross!!! Shooo-shooo, go away !

Okay, I'm safe. I can see a creepy crawly a mile away before it reaches me. Perhaps when I am bigger I won't be too scared of them anymore.

Hmmmn... why don't I just step on them with my big paws? Ewww, the thought !

1 comment:

  1. OMD you are so so cute Otso. Moose is all grown up and still scared of crawling bugs. He tries to eat the flying ones but the crawling one worry him a lot!
    Moose + Dana
    p.s. sorry for the millions of comments in one day, we are catching up on you blog and your posts are so cute we can't resist!