Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Otso - the Big Yeyow Dog from Downunder

Hello! My name is Otso, and I think it means eight in Spanish. But I have digested a lot of papers already in my 22 months of life, and I think meeMaa' (yup! that how I call my human) got the spelling wrong! But that's ok, coz I'm not Spanish anyway.

Apparently, when they first saw me (I was still at my mom's place) I looked like a number eight from behind. With my head and my body as the two O's. Fair enuff ! I was a bit chubby then. But didn't they see my tail? Come to think of it - if they have noticed my tail they may have named me 'Q'.

That's it from me today as I am still learning how to type. It's not easy you see, with my webbed paws and all. Anyway, tomorrow I will show some of my long ago pictures !

1 comment:

  1. I wondered where your name came from! That is Cute! Now we have read your whole blog! your posts are great, keep 'em coming!
    Moose + Dana