Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleeping... snoring... quivering...

Zzzz.... Zzzz.... quiver... quiver.... ngorkkk... ngorkkk... psheww... Zzzz !

Don't I look like Snoopy? In my dreams...

Quiet down please... I had a late night last night and I could really use some sleep, you know. Anyway, now that you have my attention, wazzup?

That's mee mate, Robo. I used to share bed with him, but - he like, disappeared. I miss him... Last I saw him he had a big wound on his back and all this white stuff coming out of him. And then when I woke up he is gone. And then I saw him again, he was on top of the white laundry cabinet. I think it's the hospital. I keep visiting him coz he is sick.

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