Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 months old

These are a few of my pictures when I was 2 months old. That was a long time ago ! I can't remember most ot those times anymore, except when I see some of the stuff I have destroyed. meeMaa' says I did those things... NO, it wasn't me ! Actually, I don't know... maybe...?

I asked meeMaa' where my teddy bear bed is 'coz it's my favorite. It's so soft and fluffy and warm and tender. And she said it's gone to the rainbow bridge. Hasta la vista, Teddy!

That's okay. 'Coz she bought me 3 more beds. I grew big so fast my beds lasted very quickly.

Here's a video when I was 2 months old. meeMaa' said that it is rare that I am awake when I was still little.

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  1. omg otso ur so cute

    cya soon


    E & K

    Ps were ur numba 1 followers Xx S2