Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Water !!!

OMG, I'm in heaven ! It took a little while of riding in the car but when we got there I saw the biggest sand pit ever! We have the same in school but a lot, lot smaller. This is awesome ! And plenty water too! meeMaa' said we are in St.Kilda Beach.

Maybe I'll be able to bunk here and not go home anymore if I just dig some more...

Woohoo! I lurve the water here... it is a bit cold, but loving it !!!

I just heard meeMaa' say that I definitely am a water dog. Actually, I didn't know that too before today. It sure does wonder to my sfurit!!!

Hello water, why do you come and then run away again? And then I feel getting deeper into the sand. Are you tricking me?


  1. We are so jealous - it takes our two-legger three hours to drive us to a beach! Lucky dogs!

  2. Beaches are great! I've been to rivers and lakes too and they are also great.

    Thanks for visiting me. I'll come and visit you too.

  3. What fun you were having! Moose's pic today is from a beach trip. Sadly we live on an island surrounded by water but no beaches nearby so we have to drive too!